Artist Statement

I try to capture unresolved raw emotions which captiously arise out of childhood. Often, such intense or backlogged emotions are difficult to explain using words. Such limitation builds up emotional tension. Visual art is a way for me to communicate such complicated emotions and relieve the anxiety built from suppressed sentiments that have been contained inside, mostly due to social factors, such as the desire to appear capable and mature. However, these socially determined preconceptions are exactly what I want to repudiate through my paintings. I attempt to blur the boundary between high and low, strong and weak, and serious and frivolous.

The Good Girl is the character onto which I project my raw emotions, silly as well as dark childhood stories and vaguely remembered fragments of dreams. She is the reflection of me as an artist and the representation of a typical young girl who feels anxious about growing up. Noticeably infantile and feline in her characteristics, the Good Girl passively demands love from her audience. My dream journal entries, anecdotes, and memories from childhood serve as important sources for creating the images and narratives centered around the Good Girl.