Artist Statements

Good Girl: Fingers Crossed (2019)

“Good Girl: Fingers Crossed” is a group of paintings illuminating the coexistence of two conflicting emotions – childlike excitement and the bittersweet feeling for the transience of life. This body of work was inspired by the first line of T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland “April is the cruelest month.” The verse resonated with me as it expresses the temporary nature of spring, which I connected to one’s childhood, a short and vibrant season of growth. I began to work with spring as the central theme for my current body of work, using motifs such as flowers, trees, skulls, and rain to represent the temporary nature of life. “Good Girl,” who is the central figure of my work, is a reflection of me as a child and manifests my attempt to hold on to my childhood memories and childlike traits. The title “Fingers Crossed” represents Good Girl’s wish for the spring season to stay, while knowing that it cannot last forever. The body of work is intended to elicit a sense of nostalgia for the childhood that cannot be revisited. Noticeably infantile and gesturally feline in her characteristics, Good Girl demands sensitive attention and empathy from her audience.


Good Girl: Sweaty Palms and the Smile (2018)

In the "Good Girl" Series, I work in combinations of paintings and small felted sculptures to illustrate the complicated emotions that arise from childhood memories and childlike impulses. My work revolves around a central figure, Good Girl. She is the reflection of me as an artist and manifests my attempt to hold on to my inner child, which is triggered by my desire to relieve her from dark emotions that she felt in her childhood. Good Girl is also a representation of a typical young girl who feels anxious about growing up. Noticeably infantile and feline in her characteristics and subtle in her expressions, Good Girl demands sensitive attention from her audience. My dream journal entries, anecdotes, and memories from childhood serve as important sources for creating images of Good Girl.