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My recent body of work illustrates cats in nature using a variety of drawing and painting mediums. I like the richness and the subtlety of colors that I can achieve with oil paint, but also appreciate the vibrancy and clarity of acrylic paint. I also use watercolor and gouache when I’m painting “en plein air” because they allow me the convenience of working in a smaller scale on paper. Many of the paintings in this series begins as paintings that I make in nature, which I then bring back in my studio to add more colors and incorporate the feline characters. When my cat babies breathe in the air from outside, smell the scent of the woods and plants, or listen to the birds chirping, their eyes sparkle like stars and their ears become perky like airplane wings. Unfortunately, the risk of them getting lost and not being able to return home or being attacked by wild critters prevents me from giving them the freedom to explore the nature. That’s why whenever I go on a trip to beautiful places, I imagine my cat friends out in the wilderness enjoying the delightful gifts from the mother nature. In my paintings, they are safe and happy. My paintings are meant to encapsulate my warm regards for them, and I dedicate this body of work to all the cats in the world, wishing them happiness and serenity wherever they are.

Fishing in the Storm
Gouache and oil pastel on paper
9 x 9 inches
April 2021
Good Girl's Flare
Gouache and oil pastel on paper
4 x 6 inches
December 2021
Garden Cat and Fireflies
Watercolor and oil pastel on paper
8 x 8 inches
December 2021
Twins in the Woods (Pigeon Forge)
Oil on canvas
15 x 18 inches
November 2021